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I Draw, I Color, I Write and more Recently I have taken to Photography. I enjoi it greatly and lets me show much more of life. Come, let me show you my world

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      Tomoko stood in the mirror. It was odd to see the Anbu uniform on her slender frame, though it would be odder to have to wear a mask while on a mission. It wasn’t so much constricting, but the thought of having a narrowed line of sight and peripherals. She sighed and left her apartment.

It was a short walk to the Anbu office, so she hadn’t bothered much with an umbrella. It wouldn’t be needed on a mission, only to get into the way and become cumbersome.

Upon her arrival she found Kakashi and Yamato talking outside the door to the office. Yamato stopped and turned his head to her.

“Tomo!” He smiled brightly as she bowed to the two of them.

“Kakashi. Yamato. What are you doing waiting outside the door?” She looked into Yamato’s eyes as she asked, though it was Kakashi who answered.

“Awaiting our assignment as a unit.” He pointed to a sheet with names broken up into 3 man units. There in bold letters were the names Deushi, Hatake, Tenzo.

“Yamato…Tenzo?” She asked inquisitively as Yamato looked sheepishly at the two of them.

“It’s a long story guys…don’t think too much into it.” He tried to brush it off but before either could respond a solid and well built man stepped out and motioned to them to follow him.

Inside were three armed chairs with men seated between them.

“You will be tattooed and then speak with the Hokage about your mission.” The gestured to the chairs and the three of them sat. Immediately the sound of buzzing filled the room as the artist placed the simple swirl upon their left shoulders. The noise is what through Tomoko off. If it wasn’t for the noise it would simply feel like a mild sting. With however, she thought of hornets swarming the room, endlessly stabbing into her. She focused on calming these thoughts, while the artist dabbed the needle into ink once more to continue the line.

As soon as it was over, Tomoko’s eyes fluttered open. A cooling sensation flooded to where the tattoo had been placed. Looking down, she the artist heal the skin and pull away. Kakashi and Yamato stood from their seats and headed towards the next door. Tomoko quickly followed, looking down at her feet. It was awkward still to work with Kakashi. He was so quite, yet so fierce in his actions. Then there was Yamato. Stoic and bold in every way. Then Tomoko. Shy and incredibly ordinary. She sighed as the sudden reminder of her dullness floated to the surface.

“Deushi?” Tomoko flinched as Kakashi looked down at her. Pink patches  erupted on her cheeks.

“I’m good. We’re good.” She raised her hand laughing shakily. Yamato looked behind at the two. He smiled at the two of them and turned back to the door.

“Flirtations can wait, no?” He said quietly. It was Kakashi’s turn to blush. He waved it off and looked away.

“Unlikely.” He said as the door opened. They entered as Hokage stood and greeted him. The Third looked exhausted and yet his wise eyes betrayed him as he nodded to the trio.

“Congratulations on your promotion, young ones,” His voice was calm and velvety as he gestured to the table. “ I have chosen your identities for the mission at hand and for the rest of your career as ANBU. Deushi.”

“Thank you sir.” She bowed and accepted the mask. Flipping it over and examining the markings. An otter face clearly displayed. She turned to see Kakashi and Yamato’s. Cat and Dog.

The third smiled kindly at them and proceeded to the mission and what they were to do. It all kind of blended together as they took the order and left. The task was simple enough. Pull recon on the other side to see if any other threats would come for Konaha in it’s weakened state.

“How interesting, the masks, I mean.” Yamato said as they made camp for the night. Tomoko turned and faced him. Kakashi looked at him too, confusion sweeping both their faces.

“Why would it be interesting? They’re just masks.” Kakashi said flatly. Yamato nodded and pulled off his own mask.

“The cat. Stoic and silent.” he gestured to Kakashi. “The dog. Resourcefulness and intelligence. And Finally, the otter. Dexterity and Cunning. He took our attributes and made them our new identity.”

Tomoko removed her own mask and examined it. She knew the legends of the otter. How they were similar to the kitsune, using cunning and wit to fool unsuspecting victims. She hadn’t put much thought into it before hand, but saw how they did in fact reflect their own attributes. She placed it back upon her face and stared back at the others, thinking of something her mother always said.

‘You can never see your best parts, because you’re busy looking at everyone else’s best.’

She never saw her best, until now. She saw what was her peer’s strength. Kakashi’s ability to think on the fly and Yamato’s observation skills. She smiled to herself for the identity she would assume from now on.


The wind blew through the apartment as autumn came through Konha. Shades of gold lacing the azure skies. It was warmer then the previous years. Tomoko sighed, remembering the last time it was this warm was close to 12 years ago. She looked out over their balcony. Konha’s hustle and bustle below, the people, were what had made this city worth fighting for, worth living in.        

“Whatcha thinking about?”

Tomoko turned and faced the voice. It made her smile, yet at the same time left her bewildered at the same time. A voice she thought would never speak to her in such a gentle tone with such love and conviction.

“Our new life. The people in the streets. How happy I am. Which do you want to talk about?” She smiled standing and making her way to stand next to Kakashi. He returned the smile and looked down at her as she wrapped an arm around his waist, head on his shoulder.

“All of it. Forever.” He leaned his head against hers. In his arms, a small bundle of blankets. A tiny head with wispy light brown hair. Tomoko smiled down at the infant as it gripped her index finger tightly.

“I’d like that. And I think Saku would too.”
You anchor me back down
My final installment for :icontomoko-senpai: I enjoyed working on these, thank you again for giving me a chance to play with your characters and take them places

In the weeks that followed Rin Nohara’s funeral, the season had changed quiet drastically. Days that had once been sunny and warm, now were filled with rain and dropping temperatures. Konoha, a once bustling city, with citizens wearing bright colors, selling ripened fruits and fresh meats in the market place while the passersby discussed later plans. Transformed by the chill, the city’s inhabitants now hurried to seek shelter from the cold that had filled the city. The market now offering ramen, hot pots and further dishes to warm the body.

As a new shower began to dampen the streets, those on the streets hurried and gathered under awnings and in various buildings. All except one.

Deushi Tomoko, peaked out from under her umbrella, with a grin. Though it was not the weather she had grown up with in the land of snow, it was a welcomed change. Tomoko had always enjoyed Konoha since her family had moved, though the average temperatures had slightly lessened her appreciation for the city. She grew excited as the weather would change and thought of how nice it would feel as the cool air would brush against her face.
“Deushi.” A voice called from somewhere behind her. Tomoko turned around to see a dark haired boy heading toward her, with a news paper as a makeshift umbrella. She smiled and raised her arm to allow the boy under her umbrella.

“Yamato. How are you?” She asked quietly as he shook out the newspaper a bit. He returned the smile and offered to take the umbrella from her grasp.
“I’m fine, now that I found you. What on earth are you doing in this storm?” He fell in step with her and continued down the road. Tomoko laughed and held her free arm out to feel the rain gently kiss the skin.
“I would hardly call this a storm, Yamato.” She peered back at him. “I could ask you the same thing.” Yamato held out the newspaper.
“I heard they named those who were newly appointed to the black ops.” He folded the paper and pretended to look as though it was highly surprising.
“You and I both know who is on that list. It’s hardly worth braging about.” She smirked. Yamato smirked back.
“You and Hatake. Both highly ranked according to the Anbu Unit.” He continued. Tomoko rolled her eyes.
“ I believe you ranked higher then myself, did you not, Yamato?” He stood a little prouder and beamed.

Though it had only been a few weeks ago, the time seemed to fly in Tomoko’s mind. Rin’s funeral and her confrontation of Kakashi. The anbu exam. Missions. Everything seemed to come and go much faster then she had thought. Yamato had tucked the paper into his pack and then shoved his hand into his pockets. They continued to walk with no planed destination. This was one thing Tomoko enjoyed about Yamato’s company. He never questioned her on where they were going, if they were going to stop and eat or even how long it would take to go on their many walks. They always just seemed comfortable and relaxed while they talked about whatever crossed their minds.
“I was surprised to see you and Hatake arrive at the ceremony together.” Yamato said after a few minuets of silence. Tomoko shrugged. She had wanted to take baby steps with her new relationship with Kakashi. After her moment with him she felt as if maybe she had let too much out. Maybe he thought she was desperate to no longer be lonely after Obito and Rin. Or maybe, neither was ready to admit how much they need each others company.
“We are working on the friend thing.” She said blankly as the rain started to pick up a little more.

“You’re cute together.” Yamato said bluntly. Tomoko stopped and stared up at him, red burning her face and ears.
“We are not. Kakashi and I are working out our new found friendship. It’s what Rin would have wanted.” Her voice cracked a little and Yamato smiled.
“Easy, Tomo. I’m just saying. It was nice to see you two on such good terms.” He held his hands out and apologized for his comment prior. Satisfied Tomoko continued her stride.    
They found themselves outside a ramen shop. The scent of warm broth, cooked meats and aromatic tea drew them in. As Tomoko closed her umbrella, she noticed a shock of white hair.
“Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” She said, straightning out a bit before setting the umbrella in the holder by the door. Yamato made his way over to the table and sat down next to a boy with rather thick eyebrows. Tomoko bowed and asked if it were alright for her to join them as well. The thick browed boy shot up and offered the seat next to Kakashi with such exuberance, it made Tomoko embarrassed.
“Gai, would sit down.” Kakashi asked as he removed his mask, taking a sip from his tea. Tomoko seated herself and looked over at Yamato. He wore a smug little smile and his eyes danced as he looked at the two of them. Gai leaned across the table and gave Tomoko a thumbs up.
“Congratulations on the latest rank Deushi. You are now officially a leaf shinobi!” He said, beaming as brightly as ever.
“Wasn’t I one when I made genin?” He asked scratching the back of her head as Yamato ordered tea and ramen for the two of them. Gai looked thoughtful for a moment and nodded.
“I suppose, but even with that ice jutsu it’s clear that you would have made a excellent Ninja in the land of snow.”  he said. Yamato nodded.
“It is perhaps your best jutsu, Tomo.” He took a sip of his tea and peered at her from over his glass. She nodded modestly.
“As is your wood jutsu.” she added calmly looking over at Kakashi. “Congrats to you as well. Looks like we’re all going to be in Anbu.” there was a thud and Gai slid in his seat.
“Not all of us. I’m sorry dear, sweet Tomoko. Might Gai will not be joining you in this next chapter quite yet.” Gai wailed dramatically as the waitress stopped before placing the bowls on the table. Yamato apologized to her, slapping Gai back into an upright position.

The four sat quietly eating their soup. Gai however, continued to challenge Kakashi in pointless mini contests while they ate. As they finished, Kakashi gripped Tomoko’s arm as she raised from the table. He held her there a moment, pink splotching his face.

“Congratulations to you Tomoko. Rin would be proud. You…really earned it.” His eyes shifted down to the floor. Tomoko smiled kindly. She took his hand in her own.
“Rin would be proud of us. Both of us.”

Yamato turned briefly from his converation with Gai and saw their moment. He smiled to himself and continued on with Gai.
It was hidden in the fall
More :icontomoko-senpai:. I'm really liking this paring the more I do with them :blush:

Konoha stood peaceful as the autumn breeze through Tomoko’s open window. Peace had filled the land now that war was finished, though not without it’s casualties. She had wrapped her top, tying it snug around her waist. Tomoko had taken her long ash hair, placing it in a braid that laid across her left shoulder. She sighed looking at her reflection. The last of the funerals for her graduating class…at least for now. She stepped out of her apartment and headed toward the ceremony, quietly grateful they had gotten such a beautiful day for such a beautiful soul.

Kakashi sat under the large tree in the school yard. It had been because of his actions, that the village would mourn another young shinobi. Had there been another way, a more effective way, he would have taken it. It was because of him, Rin Nohara was being laid to rest today. Kakashi placed his face in his hands, mentally preparing himself for the funeral. First, Obito’s and now Rin’s. How many other’s would die because of his blunders, because of his actions?
“Kakashi?” A small timid voice asked. He looked up to see the last person he had wanted to see today. Deushi Tomoko stood, hands clutched together as she looked down on him. He narrowed his eyes as he stood.
“I don’t want your pity Tomoko.” He pushed past her, as he made his way to the ceremony.
Tomoko stood there quietly as he walked away. Frustration filled her, every time she talked to him it was the same. Venom and anger laced his voice with every word, purposefully trying to hurt her. She clenched her fists and followed after him.
“What did I ever do to you? “ Tomoko asked as she caught up with him. Keeping up in stride, she looked up at him. Kakashi stopped and looked back down at her.
“Tomo, what do want? Go away.” He started walking away. Tomoko ran up in front of him and held her hands out wide.
“No! This ends now, Kakashi! Why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut everyone out, when you can‘t deal with these things? What are you so afraid of?” Tears welled in her eyes. She had disliked him at times yes, but with the war ended it opened up her eyes to him. Kakashi had been through so much already in his young life and to imagine how much pain he had been through was unfathomable to her.

They stood quietly looking at each other. Tomoko, with determination in her eyes, straightened up a little to bring herself to full height. Kakashi sighed and closed his eyes. Tomoko was apparently going no where unless he spoke to her, even if it meant being late to the ceremony.
“I’m tired of the not being able to protect those in my charge, Tomo.” Kakashi’s words were breathless as he looked at his shoes. “You have no idea what it’s like to lose everything and nothing.”

“I do.” She took a step forward and wrapped both hands around his waist. Tears finally falling. “I’ve the closest thing to a sister and someone I truly cared for…” Kakashi looked down at her. Tomoko was not selfish in this confession. Rin and her had been close, how could they not be? They had been friends from the start. And then there was Obito. Tomoko had always been there for him, even when he would fail. Kakashi had always seen this as weakness, but now maybe this was what he needed. An anchor. A rock. Tomoko had lost just as much as him, and he wanted to wallow in it. He wanted to let it consume him, dragging him into oblivion.

Then, there was this little light. Nothing strong and overbearing. No, this was soft and calming. It was Tomoko. She had every reason to hate him. To be just as cruel as he was. But…she wasn’t. Tomoko was embracing him, trying to ease his pain that threatened to consume him. Taking on his burden as well.

Kakashi placed a hand on her shoulder, holding her at arms length. Her black eyes glistening with tears. His thumb pushed a few away as he looked calmly at her.
“We’re going to be late. Rin wouldn’t want that.” Kakashi said curtly, pulling Tomoko by her hand. She hiccupped following behind, hand in hand.
I could feel my heartbeat taking me down
A commission of sorts for :icontomoko-senpai:. She wanted a fan fic of her lovely character Tomoko <da:thumb id="187021246"> to which I love, but want to ease into. She's mentioned that :iconkakashiplz:and :icontomoko-senpai: will grow, so I want to break it into chapters :)

I'm thinking at least two more installments.

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Hello all! Sorry for the long hiatus. With work and family, a lot has been going on. However, I'll be back soon and have a new oc and storyline to bring to you all. Hope summer is going well for everyone and ya'll are stayin outta trouble :iconsummertimeplz:
(Knocking: Knock, knock, knock, knock)
Do you wanna be a hunter?
Come on lets go and try
I never see you anymore
Come thru that door
It’s like you’ve gone away-
We used to be best buddies
And now we’re not
I wish you would tell me why!-
Do you wanna be a hunter?
It doesn’t have to be with Crowley

Not today, Harper

Okay, bye…

Do you wanna be a hunter?
Shooting rock salt thru the halls
I think some company is overdue
I’ve started talking to
the boys thru the walls-
It gets a little lonely
All these books and lore,

Just watching the hours tick by-
(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)


Please, I know you’re in there,
Sam is asking where you’ve been
He says “have hope”, and I’m trying to
I’m right out here for you, just let me in
We only have each other
It’s just you and me
What are we gonna do?

Do you wanna be a hunter?
Do you Wanna be a Hunter
Howdy! ya'll miss me? Supernatural and work have taken over my life (mostly work) but will be posting here and there with a new OC and storyline so stay tuned! :iconcastielplz:


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